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Neighborhood Evaluation Guide:

Are there unique and varied architectural styles that still maintain the look and feel of the community?

Location and Protection of Investment
Is the community surrounded by other quality developments? Is it convenient to high quality and commercial services?

Is the community careful to preserve the existing flora? Does it offer green space or park areas that add to the beauty of the community?

Pedestrian Friendly
Does the community have sidewalks and amenities within walking distance? Is it designed with pedestrian safety in mind?

Does the neighborhood provide amenities that enhance lifestyle (pool, parks, recreational facilities)?


Home Buying 101

How do I find the right home?
Finding the right home is a process that should be conducted thoroughly and carefully. One of the major factors to consider is whether you will want a new or resale home. New homes offer many advantages such as the latest efficiency construction techniques, new appliances, predictable maintenance costs, and builder warranty. If the house is still under construction, you can often choose paint, wallpaper, flooring, etc. You're biggest concern when considering a new home is the quality of construction. Be sure to check for good carpentry, solid structure and supports, perfectly working systems (faucets, heating/cooling, electrical outlets, etc.), and a yard free of low or wet spots that slopes away from the home for good drainage.

A resale house usually has a special appeal with that "home" feeling and settled neighborhood. Sometimes the price may be lower per square foot and it may have more flexible financing options, especially if there is an assumable mortgage on the home. Your biggest concerns with a resale home will be the soundness of the foundation, walls and ceilings, plumbing, electrical system, and heating/cooling system. You will also want to find out the monthly fuel costs and how much it will cost if you want to make any remodeling changes.

Of course, one of the best first steps to home shopping is to choose an experienced, professional real estate consultant who can help match your needs and wants to the perfect home.


What should I look for in a neighborhood?
Usually a neighborhood will tell you its story at first glance: the quality of construction, the sense of community, the attention to environment and landscaping. Although it is pretty easy to get a feel for a community just by looking at it, it will be in your best interest to have a real estate agent fill you in on details that you can't see: schools, shopping, health care, community services, transportation options, etc. You should also take a walk around a community you are interested in and talk with some of the residents about their experiences.

What if I'd like to custom build?
Being able to build your dream home is a very rewarding experience. It can also seem very overwhelming with all the details and planning that must be undertaken. Working with a real estate professional who is experienced in custom building can save you from costly mistakes and headaches. You will also want to make sure your real estate consultant has an excellent working relationship and track record with many builders. Your real estate consultant will help you interview quality builders and designers to ensure that you get the right match-because home building is team building.

If you are considering this option, don't take it lightly! Custom home building will take much more time, planning and patience-but the rewards are worth it!

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